17th May 2024

10:00 AM Onwards

Vyas Hall, Shangri La Eros

New Delhi, India

Introduction Of DIISHA To

National One Health Mission

India is poised to emerge as the pharmacy of the world with a focused ambition to bolster pharmaceutical production and diminish import dependency. Central to this vision is understanding the consumption patterns in rural India, transitioning from a model of ‘prescription to indent’ to a seamless ‘pharmacy to consumption’ framework. This paradigm shift aims at real-time precision and efficiency, facilitated by a plugin for PM JAN AUSHADHI DIISHA, ensuring reform, performance, and transformation at the primary healthcare (PHC) level pharmacies. Through these initiatives, India endeavours to enhance accessibility, affordability, and quality of healthcare while fostering self-reliance in pharmaceuticals.

The efficient and continued supply of drugs and pharmaceutical products at Primary Healthcare (PHC) pharmacies is crucial, along with the analysis of before and after drug administration impact data patterns. This necessitates robust logistics and preparedness capabilities for initiatives to understand manufacturing expenditure sourcing and exploring alternative drugs are pivotal for sustaining pharmaceutical supply chains. Financial sustainability in state PM JAN AUSHADHI’s budgets is essential for long-term success, necessitating collaboration between the pharmaceutical industry and local government for effective population health management. This synergy aims to optimize resource allocation, enhance healthcare accessibility, and promote public health outcomes

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