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The company’s vision is to be the provider of enterprise-class healthcare digital platforms for caregivers, delivering the best clinical outcomes at an affordable cost.

Health Smarttech Private Limited (HSPL) is a software company building SaaS-based solutions for the healthcare industry for seamless interaction between doctors, patients, pharmacies, diagnostic labs, and other related players, bringing best industry practices and providing a user-friendly interface for easy adoption.

Health Smarttech, through its comprehensive suite of cloud based SaaS solutions helps in digitalisation of healthcare which greatly improves patient outcomes and streamline processes for healthcare providers. These solutions allow for more efficient and effective communication between healthcare providers, improved diagnoses and treatment plans, and enhanced patient engagement. Thus, making high-quality healthcare more accessible and affordable.


The company is a screening partner of DIISHA, a piloting agency of EODB and our role is to onboard doctors physically and virtually to view uploaded test results of patients flagged symptomatic earlier and tested later and to create digital medical records. The doctor should be able to write full prescriptions along with medicines and instructions, which patients can collect either from a PHC pharmacy or outside, as well as advise further investigations from the PHC lab. The lab should be able to upload reports creating full longitudinal medical records of the patient. Doctors should be enabled to use Standard Treatment Protocols with ease and the system should enable complete treatment management through timely reminders. Advised treatment on Prescription should enable the doctor to decide on an appropriate Health Benefit Package (HBP) and enable him to approve DBT digitally.

Company values


We care about privacy of doctors and patients and ensure data security at all costs.


No stone un-turned to make our doctors equipped to provide better & efficient care to their patients.


Everyday we are working to find innovative methods to improve our systems to make healthcare easily available to every Indian.


No one has all the answers. A culture of humility and continuous learning is a bedrock principle of our growth and success.

HSPL Platforms

e-Hospital Care Management System

(e-HCMS) is an integrated platform to connect all departments including OPD, IPD, Pharmacy, Pathology & Radiology Labs, and administrative departments to work seamlessly in a paperless environment. The platform enables the caregivers to follow standard treatment protocols with focus on clinical outcomes. Patient medical records provide evidence-based treatment for better clinical outcomes. Several personalization features enable hospital to customize as per their workflows and treatment preference.

e-Clinical Care Management System

 (e-CCMS) is built for individual doctors to streamline their clinic operations, interact with their patients and other related service providers like pharmacies and diagnostic labs and focus on clinical outcomes. The Electronic Medical Records (EMR) of patients make it easy for them to access medical information and enable them to easily shift from symptom-based to evidence-based treatment regimens. The platform reduces administrative hassles and enhances the overall efficiency of clinic practice operations.

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