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our mission is to introduce Ayurveda to the world once more, in a form that is scientific, reliable and highly efficient. By studying the intricacies of the nadi technique, we can imitate the magic in a technology and data-driven solution.

N-Pulse Prognostics, is a project born out of a dream to make Ayurveda and other holistic health practices more accessible and more trustworthy to the world.

Today, we find very few people who place their faith in Ayurveda. This is our opportunity as well as our challenge. We are building ergonomically precise, data-driven devices which brings together modern technology & wisdom from the Vedas to create a revolutionary device.

With the ‘nadi pulse technique’ from Vedic sciences, we can change the way we view healthcare. By reading the nature of your body, our device can help doctors across the world diagnose physical and mental conditions. It also provides holistic healing solutions with dietary, lifestyle and yoga recommendations, ensuring a natural & non-invasive process from start to finish. 

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