Doorstep Testing & Uploading

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Together, we’re on a path to wellness for body, mind, and spirit. Now anyone can take charge of their health and transform their life using our easy-to-use, yet powerful, healthcare technologies & tools.

eHealthSystem is a modern healthcare software that allows managing entire operational challenges and activities performed in Medical departments. eHealthSystem smartly automates clinical workflow, providing e-prescriptions, collecting patient information, medical reports, discharge summary, invoice & billing, etc.

eHealthSystem is covering Door to Door NCD Screening, Testing, Examination, Sample Collection, Laboratory Analysis, and Test Results. Sharing test results with the patients through ASHA and also uploading them on National Health Records attached to his/her ABHA ID is also a part of our duties. Test results uploaded by eHealthSystem are to be validated by the doctor in P4 within a few hours based on their physical or virtual availability in shifts.

How we Do It?

Health Information Exchange

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