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The Ease of Doing Business Program, (an EoDB Services OPC Pvt Ltd initiative) is an independent Indian entity of ‘Policy Entrepreneurship’ and an emerging Tech Piloting Agency that conducts Technical and Commercial Pilots for the elected leadership of the Indian Govt. EoDB is an advanced service and piloting agency that boosts evidence-based policy making with ease of doing business in emerging technologies such as AI, IoT, Blockchain, Electric Mobility, Health, Drones, UV Sterilisation, Cloud Computing, 3D Printing, Robotics, Automation, and Machine Learning.

Our target is to push India into $5 Trillion ‘Economy Club’. For this every sector of the economy has to upscale. AI & IT have become vitals of our manufacturing ecosystem and Govt. is working on the new ‘Industrial Policy’ to accommodate realities into development.


We need to work together to achieve self-dependence in clean energy, digitalization, sports, health, and mobility which will thrust our country forward. In the current framework, to reduce human intervention to the minimum, it is very important to increase the usage of emerging technologies and transform the nation.


Our target is to push India into a $5 trillion ‘Economy Club’ and to achieve it – it’s important for all the sectors of our economy to perform. Be it adapting to the latest technology or inventing a new one. With artificial intelligence & ecosystem and govt. is working on the new ‘Industrial Policy’ to accommodate ground realities into development and easily explain new dynamics and economics to the industry.


We believe in minimum government and maximum governance. With our well-targeted and continuous reforms to make people’s lives easy, India’s position has improved in ratings of global organizations like IMF, MOODY, and World Economic Forum. We have been able to restore and accelerate the growth of the country.

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