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Automate business communication

Yugasa Bot is an AI enabled and NLP based chatbot which offers ‘close to human’ conversation to your visitors on any of your digital touch points; Websites, Mobile Apps, Facebook Page, Whatsapp and more. Let Yugasa Bot handle first level communication with all your online visitors while your team continues to work on more productive tasks.

Yugasa Bot is a conversational AI platform that will help ASHA workers to give them health policy-related information and training in simple communication. This Bot will remain with ASHA workers in their WhatsApp 24X7 and will resolve their queries in their local language. Yugasa Bot supports 100+ languages. Whenever there will be an update in the policy or if a new policy comes, Yugasa Bot will reach out has informing them about the policy update and be ready to give them more information about it in a conversational format.

 Yugasa Bot will keep on reminding and evaluating ASHAs on their knowledge of the policies and procedures in an engaging way. The Bot will push videos, quizzes, polls, and questionnaires to ASHAs and reward them with certification on clearing training levels. Yugasa Bot infrastructure will be backed up by University LMS (Learning Management System) to keep track of the progress done by ASHAs in their learning and to provide easy-to understand new learning material to them. 

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360 Degree Solution

To make this a 360o solution, there will also remain an L1 support system available where Human Agents will be available behind the Bot. If a query will not be answered by the Bot, the chat will be routed to a Human Agent to take it up and give a proper reply to ASHA and train the Bot further to answer similar questions in the future.

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