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To provide world-class healthcare that gets recommended by physicians, referred by patients and chosen by partners.

KOYE understands the challenges faced by patients of rural areas in identifying their medications and therefore completing the therapy based on defined treatment protocol. Keeping these challenges in view, KOYE shall provide customized solution for patients to improve adherence to the prescribed treatment protocol. KOYE shall offer medications in packaging which are elementary and simple to understand by any person. The pack shall be tailored specifically for improving the patient compliance. Patient shall receive a month’s dose. Each pack shall have space for the pharmacist to write the name of the patient, dosage schedule, and next visit date.

KOYE has expertise and proven capability in supply chain management. Thus, KOYE shall ensure regular availability of medications to state warehouse. Thus, quality and efficacious medications can be made available to patients.


Flowchart of Supply Chain

Finished Formulation

Storage @ Koye Central Warehouse

Storage @ Koye State Warehouse

Implementing State’s Central Drug Warehouse

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